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About Us

Maria Gomez, is the founder of Powerful Real Estate LLC, a brokerage expanding the definition of a Realtor in Florida. Our services include residential, commercial, and property management solutions for clients.


We are not your typical brokerage. At Powerful Real Estate we consider Realtors, influencers with followings. It is time for more real estate brand ambassadors to be recognized locally as Realtor Influencers, not just a few good marketers.  

We all know local Realtors that have done a great job of marketing themselves, that you know by name. They are titans in marketing and with the immergence of the real estate digital arena you can be a recognized influencer too. 

Our mantra, you are a brand, supported by a client audience of followers.  The agencies influencer model begins with a blend of traditional with social media strategy.  The development and production of influencer client experiences and story-based content makes you highly sought after Realtor talent. Stimulating client conversations and buzz, generates property listings/sales, while maximizing Realtor brand awareness.


Between shifting buying behavior and technology use, the real estate landscape is constantly changing.  Online technology forces are requiring agents showcase themselves, just like properties, to reach their client target audience. 

The firm's goal is to make agents true real estate influencers in their area of expertise through marketing, P.R. training, social media opportunities, trend insights, market information and more. 


Real Estate influencing can be fun and lucrative when done right.  Yes we work hard to get it done, but we also make it fun. We are not stuffed shirts. 


Much like a local celebrity, Powerful Realtors have a circle of influence with a higher level of direct engagement.  These Realtor/Influencers are powerful in their world of real estate, in our firm. 


Not all those that apply get accepted at Powerful Real Estate. We want a cohesive, positive team environment, yes competitive but no attitude allowed. We believe in supporting Realtor influencers whose clients/fans trust their authenticity and recommendations for the long term.  


We believe that our agents can be an influencing real estate force. If you are passionate about not just selling real estate but being a Powerful Real Estate Realtor/influencer request an interview.

Beauty Vlogger



To reinvent the traditional model of how real estate is practiced, while increasing the agents spheres of influence, value, and expertise, ensuring the best client representation and performance. 


To be the premier real estate influencer brokerage agency, committed to creating a positive real estate/lifestyle business approach for agents and clients that will translate to success. 

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