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Powerful Explorers

Team building is serious at Powerful Real Estate. We want our agents to connect with each other in a positive environment. You will enjoy invitations to motivational events, travel excursions, and more. We want to build from the inside out.

It is about you

Our goal is to maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation in productivity, and gain a competitive edge for our agents through team building events.


Through hands-on exercises, events, speakers, travel opportunities and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn leadership best practices to help you navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We do not know it all but we will do our best to help everyone learn and grow more while they are at Powerful Real Estate.

You are not alone

Building our organizational culture of positivity and support is  key to the success of our Realtor Influencer philosophy. Building relationships makes for better connections and understanding of what is needed to be successful. 

We will enjoy endless events and get togethers, as we all strive to be leaders in our real estate field.

Gourmet Meal
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