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Powerful Fancy Box 

Giving is receiving and its important that our Realtors feel that they are appreciated. We have a Fancy Box philosophy that supports celebrating successes with surprises. The term Fancy Box could be a gift, experience, a team thank you, or all of the above.

Gift Box

Who doesn't like to be thanked?

Showing gratitude for others hard work is important at Powerful. We don't take it for granted whether you close one listing or hundreds, each one is important. 


Recognition is valuable at the firm, so get used to being thanked and appreciated. 


Our agents will hear words of thanks and appreciation when they’ve won a new listing, an award, gained media attention, more followers, or reached some big milestone.

However we know words of appreciation are welcomed any time, and when they have the most impact is when they come when least expected.

When eating fruit remember the one that planted the tree?

Recognition is powerful.


Audience Applauding
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